The Convenience of an Electric Griddle

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People often think the only thing electric griddles are used for are pancakes and fried eggs. This is a misconception. Electric griddles are perfect for Panini, French toast, home fries, crepes, pancakes, and so much more.

Electric griddles are a versatile addition to any kitchen. The large, flat surface heats evenly, giving all the food even cooking. They are terrific for large families or when you need to cook for a group. Most electric griddles today come with a removable cooking surface for easy cleanup.

Most electric griddles equipped with a grease draining trough, giving healthier, less greasy foods. This feature is particularly helpful when cooking bacon, hamburgers, or sausages. It makes cleaning the griddle much more convenient.

The electric griddles heat up very quickly and are ready to use in minutes. Foods will not cling to the non-stick surface, so there is not scrubbing involved in clean up. Plastic spatulas are recommended for use with the griddle, since the non-stick finish could scratch.

The thermostat is one of the big advantages of an electric griddle, allowing you to adjust the temperature as the food cooks. This is also removable for easier storage and cleaning of the griddle. You never have to worry about the food burning because there is a warming control to keep the food warm for whenever you are ready to serve you just have to lay back run your stogie machine and chill out.

Electric griddles are reasonably priced, fitting into just about anyone’s budget. The electric griddle can’t be beat when it comes to convenience, able to cook pancakes, eggs, or home fries at the same time. An entire breakfast menu prepared with only one pan!

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