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90-Day Challenge: COMPLETED! How I Lost 44 Pounds and 15% Body Fat in 90 Days



It is with a ton of excitement that I introduce you to the completely reinvented Jason Sadler! After turning 30 years old and being upset with the way I looked/felt, I embarked on a 90-Day Challenge sponsored by Tyler and Mimi Ford. In 90 days I lost 44 pounds, 15% body fat, and 6″ off my waist!

Have you tried other diets and workouts and failed? I did too! Make sure you get my FREE 5 simple tips to losing weight and getting in great shape. These are my most important tips, and catapulted me into my 90-Day Challenge success.

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Here’s the whole story:

Photo credit for the awesome professional shot above to Laura Evans Photography. Let’s not waste any time, here are comparison photos of what I looked like 90 days ago from the front, back and side. The photos below have not been edited whatsoever and were taken on a Canon T4i by my loving girlfriend, Caroline. 

HOLY CRAP, RIGHT!? I can distinctly remember taking the before photos and thinking, “I’m out of shape, but it’s not that bad…” But with the comparison photos, it really shows how out of shape I let myself get over the past few years. My posture was going, my bathing suit was about to pop off at any given moment, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel now! Well, I can:

Why did I do a 90-Day Challenge?

First and foremost I want anyone who reads this to know that I used to be in pretty good shape. I played basketball at the collegiate level about 10 years ago, but those days were left behind when I tore both ACLs in my knees. I used to be a gym rat when I worked a normal 9-5 job in 2004-5, but ever since starting IWearYourShirt, fitness and nutrition have taken a backseat. I thought I knew what eating healthy was, I thought I knew what a good workout was, and it’s obvious that I was wrong and let those things slip away. 

Almost everyone has seen a friend do a 90-Day Challenge, and heck, I have to say I was super inspired when I read David Siteman Garland’s 90-Day Transformation. I figured if 90 days was working for lots of other people, it wouldn’t hurt to try it for myself. I had just turned 30 years old (May 15) and knew I wanted to do something to get back in shape. I sent out a tweet that I was fed up, I put a post on Facebook that said I was determined to take action and then Tyler Ford emailed in. Tyler and his awesome wife Mimi are Body by Vi coaches, but had no interest in trying to sell me on anything. Tyler wanted to help me set goals for myself, have supplements/products at my disposal and be a coach in my corner to cheer me on. After an hour on the phone I was even more excited to get started, and Tyler and Mimi Ford were going to be my official 90-Day Challenge sponsors (what can I sponsor next, right??).

So I had 90 days to change my thought process about food, to structure my day around exercise and to lose weight and get back in shape. Was it hard? Absolutely. Were there times I wanted to give up? Of course. Am I glad I stuck with it? HELL YES!

What was my diet nutrition plan like for 90 days?

You can spend hours on Google and fitness forums reading secrets, tips, tricks, and lots of other junk. The information that keeps coming up no matter where you look: Eat smaller portions (you shouldn’t feel full), eat more often throughout the day (5-7 meals), drink over 100 ounces of water a day, carbs are limited to fruits and veggies (they do make veggie pastas), no processed sugar (honey and stevia are your friends), no soda, less salt, and for me no dairy or alcohol. 

By this point you’ve probably thrown your hands up in the air and said, “I can’t give up my ” or “You work from home, it’s easy for you.” Both of those statements are absolutely garbage. If you want to make a change in your life, if you want to feel better, you need to change the way you think about food and about your daily routine. Not only can you save a butt-load of money each month by eating healthier (I saved about $1,500 a month, no joke), but you can spend 1-2 hours and prepare your meals ahead of time for an entire week. I started this 90-Day Challenge thinking I was going to change my eating habits for a few months, but I realized it’s a lifestyle change. When something awesome happens, you don’t have to celebrate with cake or a night of drinking with your friends. We’ve been trained as a society that food/drinks are rewards and they shouldn’t be, because the types of food we reward ourselves with are the worst ones for us. 

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and focus more on what you should eat. This blog post outlines exactly what I ate, with slight variations, for the last 30 days of my challenge. It took me 60 days to fine tune my “diet” and figure out what worked best for my schedule and for my body. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have headaches or food withdrawals when I started, or that I felt like I was hungry all day long, but it takes time to reset your body and break your habits. For years I’d pretty much eaten three large meals a day with a couple snacks (not healthy ones) thrown in. In less than 90 days I’ve recalibrated my body to a new schedule that makes me feel and look better. The human body is pretty awesome.

I did use the Body by Vi shake mix and vitamin packs from the beginning. Were they my saving grace and stripped all the fat off my body? Absolutely not. But did they give me a slight edge whether it was a delicious tasting meal replacement shake or a daily vitamin packed full of stuff my body craves? Definitely. I’m a firm believer in eating your weight in grams of protein each day, so for me to eat around 230 grams of protein, I added in an extra scoop of a standard whey protein with the Body by Vi shake mix. You can see the results for yourself. If you’re thinking of starting your own challenge or just want to get back and shape and want a simple supplement company to get on board with, contact Tyler and Mimi Ford to get more info about Body by Vi products. I definitely recommend them. (Not to mention the Body by Vi shake mix is delicious!)

Oh, and no cheat meals. I didn’t do the carb-blowout day once a week for a reason. Why? You don’t need it. You may crave the heck out of those foods, but give yourself the chance to work hard for 90 days and then think about doing cheat meals/days. Stick with eating healthy for just 90 days and I promise you’ll survive without pizza, Chick-Fil-A, beer, ice cream, etc, etc. When you want a cheeseburger, make a black bean turkey burger. When you want chocolate, eat some fruit. Heck, tell your friends on Facebook that you want something and they’ll keep you honest. When you crave bad things, replace them with things that aren’t terrible for you. Will I sneak in a cheat meal or treat myself to popcorn at the movies again? Probably, but I’ll keep those unhealthy binges to a minimum because I don’t NEED them anymore.

What were my workouts like for 90 days?

Ahhhh yes, everyone wants to know how many crunches I did in the past 90 days right? Well, I can tell you exactly how many I did: ZERO. The new Jason Sadler physique was made in the kitchen. Okay, so not totally made in the kitchen, but I firmly believe that 90% of getting in shape is your nutrition and the other 10% is fitness. At least I tell myself that so I eat healthier.

Having worked with different personal trainers in the past, I knew there were tons of different things I could do or try, but that I wanted to keep my routine simple. Not only because I’m busy and don’t have two hours to spend in the gym each day, but because you don’t need to work out for multiple hours every day to see results.

For the first 60 days of my challenge, I worked out 4-5 days a week and maybe one of those days was a cardio day. Which day did I do my ab exercises? No days. When I started I wanted to do workouts that slightly resembled Cross Fit workouts, but without the destroying of my body and therefore my spirit. I would focus on doing weight training for one or two muscle groups (chest and back, back and bis, tris and shoulders, chest and legs, arms and back, chest and shoulders, etc) and in between each set I would do 50-100 jumping jacks or jump ropes. My workouts lasted about 30-45 minutes, usually longer if I worked out with my lovely girlfriend, but I always worked up a great sweat and focused on what I was doing. For the next four weeks I actually stopped doing any cardio at all, maybe once a week playing basketball at the YMCA, and just focused on weight training. I stuck with my two muscle group splits and would do superset workouts, low weight heavy rep workouts or workouts with very little rest in between each set. Obviously I might know a little bit more about weight training than the everyday-person, so definitely think about getting a personal trainer (it’s worth it!). None of these workouts were rushed and every movement I did with a weight in my hand was purposeful, in perfect form, and with 100% of my strength and effort. You can see by this photo that I was progressing nicely:

I’d lost 30 pounds and 9% body fat in 60 days. Not bad huh? But then something bit me in my slightly smaller ass – I wanted more. For some reason the thought got in my head that I wanted to get down to 10% body fat by day 90. In fact, I professed this goal on Facebook a couple times. I knew that losing 6% body fat in 30 days would be tough, but that I could do it! 

I increased my cardio workouts, setting a 1,000 calorie goal along the way, and streamlined my weight workouts to one muscle group per day (chest, arms, shoulders, legs). I also upped my water intake to over a gallon per day, but nothing really changed in my diet. Towards the very end of my challenge I did cut fruit out of my diet, but that was really only for the last week. I can honestly say I’m proud of myself for hitting that 10% body fat goal, even if it was only by .1%. I never set out to “get ripped” or “have a 6-pack” when I started this 90 day challenge, I just wanted to feel and look better. I am, however, very proud of what my body looks like and I don’t want this to go away…

Don’t be afraid to think differently about your workouts, but be realistic when you’re getting started. The more you can get in the gym and get workouts done, the more you’ll want to get better at it. The less you dread working out, the easier it will be to make time for it, and everyone has 20-30 minutes a day to get some exercise (with or without a gym). Think of a gym membership (or personal trainer) as an investment in your health. 

Biggest challenges during the 90-Day Challenge?

Now let’s talk about the hurdles I overcame while doing this challenge. Yes, I do work from home, but I have a very busy schedule and a very active email inbox. One of my biggest challenges was to disconnect throughout the day to make myself food, to get to the gym, to take showers, to sleep, etc. When you work at a 9-5 job, you have structure. I have zero structure. It’s hard to convince myself to put on pants some days, so you can imagine it was even harder to cook meals.

I also did a bunch of traveling during the past three months that included trips to Anaheim, Nashville, NYC, Memphis and Cape Cod. It’s incredibly hard to stick to a nutrition plan while fending off TSA agents and visiting the BBQ capital of the world. But I did it. I packed my Body by Vi supplements in my bag, I brought protein bars in case of long flights/layovers/emergencies, I picked the healthiest options off menus (or just didn’t open the menu and asked for grilled meat and veggies), and I avoided temptation where I could. I’d by lying to you if I didn’t slip up here and there or didn’t have a bigger meal than normal for my girlfriend’s surprise birthday dinner in NYC, but I stayed on track.

Another big challenge? Oh you know, just completely restructuring my company during these past few months. Dealing with website redesigns, letting people go, finding new clients, creating new processes, and all the stress that goes along with all of that. Yeah, that’s enough to distract you. 

But you know what? No matter what it was, I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to give up. I wasn’t going to breakdown. And I have my family, friends and the IWearYourShirt community to thank for that. Lean on your friends and family and don’t be shy to ask for help. Heck, I’m happy to lend a helping hand to anyone, just don’t give up!

Where do I go from here?

NOT BACKWARDS! I know from experience and from other people telling me, the worst thing to do is sit back and relax at this point. Yes, it’s awesome that I lost 44 pounds and it’s fantastic that I’m down to 10% body fat, but I’m not stopping now. 

Am I going to indulge in a few of my favorite foods/drinks that I gave up for the past few months? Yep! But I’m not going to gorge myself, and I’m certainly not going to break my routine. If I’m going to eat a burger from Five Guys, it’s not going to be a fully loaded burger with a large fry. If I want to drink a craft beer with Sean, it’ll be one or two at the most. If I’m going to the movies, I’ll grab a small popcorn and sneak in some of my healthier snacks. I will NOT go backwards.

I’m going to keep the same nutrition schedule and continue down this healthy road. As I mentioned in the video above, I feel freaking great. I want to continue to feel this good every single day. I also wouldn’t mind keeping my newfound abs around and fitting better into clothing. It’s amazing how good it feels to wear clothing you haven’t worn since college. Then again, I do wear t-shirts for a living, so I guess that isn’t a huge concern for me.

For right now, I’m enjoying the accomplishment of this challenge. I’ll still be hitting the gym to do a weight workout today and I’ll still be eating 5-6 times today. This is a lifestyle change, not just quick fix. I’m NOT going backwards!!!

Final thoughts and thank yous!

My girlfriend Caroline has been amazing throughout this entire challenge. Not only has she made changes along with me, she’s pushed herself to keep up and she’s kept me from breaking down and skipping a workout or eating a bad meal. She’s had some awesome accomplishments as well these past few months and maybe we’ll get her to do the next photo shoot. Eh? Eh? Thank you Caroline.

Thank you to my Mom for understanding that I do love her homemade mac-n-cheese, but I don’t need it in my life. You may think I need to gain a few pounds back, and don’t you worry, I will, they’ll just be lean muscle! Thanks for all the support, Mom.

Thank you to my t-shirt wearing partner in crime, Sean. You were a huge help while we traveled to get me to work out, to keep me from ordering something bad off a menu, and to continue to encourage me. You’re like the red-headed brother I never had, but always wanted. Gracias mi amigo.

Thank you Tyler and Mimi Ford for reaching out to me and holding my hand on this journey. 

And to everyone who has commented, Liked, tweeted, emailed, shared any of these 90-Day Challenge posts: THANK YOU! Honestly, your support has helped me get over so many small hurdles and has kept me focused and determined. The IWearYourShirt community is fantastic and I appreciate you guys letting me share my personal goals right along side by business goals.

So what are YOU waiting for? Whether it’s a 90-Day Challenge or to just put down the Diet Coke you’re currently drinking and grab a glass of water. Give your body a chance to be the well-oiled machine it’s supposed to be. Start your own fitness challenge and don’t give up because you don’t see results in two weeks. I personally guarantee that if you stick with any sort of plan for 90 days, you’ll see the results and you’ll feel as great as I do right now.

Don’t forget to get my FREE 5 simple tips to losing weight and getting in great shape! These are my most important tips, and catapulted me into my 90-Day Challenge success.

Get 5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Get in Great Shape

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments, I’m happy to answer anything…

*Update: My thoughts from exactly one year later

  • http://twitter.com/SaintlyNYC Chris VnD

    Jason, that is amazing. Video still isn’t up but I think the pictures speak for themselves. WOW. So maybe you name that veggie pasta? So hard to live without it and if you found a great substitute then please share. Great commitment from you and those who support you. You just went a notch up in my book.

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you Chris! The video should be up now. I do most of my dry food shopping on Amazon.com to be honest. Here’s a link to a bunch of gluten free pastas you can try: http://amzn.to/NClFFQ – I recommend a gluten free diet and if you want carbs, to stick to complex carbs (rice, grains, veggies).

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.schultz.771 Elizabeth Schultz

    Your transformation was inspiring! Congrats on not only for the weight loss, but also, the determination it took to stick with it. I always thought my schedule was too busy to fit in something like a 90 day challenge. This may be a sign that no one is every too busy if they’re willing to put in some effort.

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks Elizabeth! Everyone is busy, there’s no doubt about that. It’s all about making sacrifices, setting goals and giving yourself a chance. Effort and hard work pays off, but it’s not easy. If it was, we’d all be fit, healthy, and posting bathing suit photos daily! Glad I could help :)

      • http://www.ktp-healing.com/ Ken Panganiban

        Exactly!!!!! Well said, Jason!

  • http://www.tylerandmimiford.com Tyler Ford

    Dude you look awesome! So inspiring! You crushed it. You have motivated me to step up my game. Thanks!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you for all the awesome support! I want to continue this lifestyle and couldn’t have gotten started without you and Mimi. Here’s hoping a ton of people come your way and you help them change their lives too.

  • Wes Wyatt

    INCREDIBLE results my friend! WOW!

    Have a DYNAMITE day!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you Wes, I really appreciate it!

  • Lauren Teague

    Phenomenal. Thanks for sharing your journey and lessons learned along the way. I’m a big proponent of enjoying the journey as much as the destination, and it looks like you’ve done both. Time for me to step it up with more consistency in workouts (especially while traveling) and stricter nutrition options (again, especially while traveling!). Happy to report that the dress I’ll be rocking at a wedding this weekend is one I bought two years ago, but have never felt comfortable wearing…until NOW! Congrats Jason…and remember, the offer to work out with me always stands. (A new challenge, perhaps?)

    • thejasonsadler

      NICE WORK on the dress!!! That’s gotta be super satisfying right? Those are the little victories I celebrated along the way. Yeah, I wanted to see 6-pack abs, but I enjoyed having more energy each day, playing more basketball, fitting into clothing better, and not dreading the mirror in my bedroom. I haven’t forgotten about your challenge and might take you up on it next week before our road trip! Thanks Lauren :)

  • http://www.ktp-healing.com/ Ken Panganiban

    Very awesome and inspiring! Proud of you, brotha, for being able to turn that combo of the Vi-products, healthier eating and coaching from Tyler and Mimi into amazing results! You hit it on the money – 90% nutrition, 10% exercise (although I go 80-20, heh)! Congrats again!

    • thejasonsadler

      Haha, yeah, I’m a bit more drastic on the nutrition side, but I firmly believe it. Having BBV products is a help, but it’s certainly not the answer. Hard work will always pay off.

  • http://twitter.com/durstslovepens Crissy Durst

    Inspirational! You look fabulous! Congratulations!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you Crissy, it means a lot!

  • Stacey

    Awesome job! Very inspirational!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks Stacey!

  • http://twitter.com/attainablelife Unattainable Life

    Congrats Jason! Amazing results. It’s seems that it truly takes the “I’m sick and tired of feeling and/or looking this way” feeling to really accomplish something. Whether it be a diet, fitness, or even a goal in life that seems to really fuel someone to attain super results for themselves. That’s what it took for me to change my lifestyle in regards to nutrition and fitness after graduating undergrad too. What’s even better is that you rarely ever crave the nasty foods even after such a short period of time. I wish you continued success and persistence. The persistence more so because after awhile you can feel stuck or even tired of the lifestyle and want to take it easy but there’s no better feeling than being determined to choose the tougher road.

    • thejasonsadler

      Even better than not craving the bad foods, is that when you do eat them, you feel guilty and you feel like CRAP! Your body doesn’t want that stuff, your body wants food it can process and use for fuel. I love how good I feel all day long and that’s my biggest motivation to continue eating healthy. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/randombrad Brad Wood

    Great job. I think I might start something in Sept. with Muayi Tai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes

    • thejasonsadler

      Sounds great Brad! Make sure you get your nutrition in order, that’s super important.

  • http://twitter.com/5280shirtshop 5280 Shirt Shop

    Wow! Huge kudos my friend.

    What an awesome transformation and love that it was, “made in the kitchen”.

    Very inspiring and proud of ya!

    - James

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks James! Now I’m not sure if I’m a Large or XL shirt anymore… haha. Hope all is well!

  • http://websmithBLOG.com WebsmithBLOG

    I am so very proud of you, Jason!!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks dude, you’re a huge inspiration, along with that extremely fit wife of yours!

  • Stella

    i’m inspired! i absolutely HATE working out and very much dislike and get bored at the gym. but I do like to run and play in the park and do yoga. so I think if I’m mindful to just keep being active I can make it work. I’m also vegan and eat out a lot. so I need to change that habit and start cooking lots more. and like you, Jason I am also self employed as a freelance fx makeup artist so I can’t always control the food that is around me and when I get to eat, sleep, shower. but you are right, i can definitely make a more conscientious effort. THANK YOU!

    • thejasonsadler

      Yay, that’s awesome that you’re inspired Stella! Mission accomplished for me :)

      You need to find exercises that work for you. For me, I hate home workouts. P90x and others just bore me to death. If I’m not AT the gym, I won’t get the workout done. If yoga is your thing, do power yoga, hot yoga, handstand focus stuff and really mix it up. Keep your body guessing and keep pushing yourself as hard as you can.

      You may not think you’re in control, but you’re always in control. I promise!

  • http://www.clinology.com cindy brown

    YOU are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!! you did such a great job!!! great inspiration to all of us!!

    • thejasonsadler

      You’re the sweetest Cindy. Thank you for always being so supportive!

  • http://jonfun.me/ Jonfun

    Beastly! This is awesome!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks dude! What would my wrestling persona be?

      • http://jonfun.me/ Jonfun

        Honestly the best characters in wrestling, for example Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, are extensions of their own core personality. So, if there is any truth to that unstructured lifestyle that you were living it could have equated to something along the lines of possibly Jason “The Street Bum” Sadler. Now that you’ve corrected that & I’ve always enjoyed you’re creativity which would carry over in a wrestling ring very well if you’re good in front of a live audience, which I’ve never personally gotten to see you speak yet, that’s cheering or booing. Now, you could actually give it try down in FCW since WWE’s official training camps reside in Florida. I think you could give Hulk Hogan a run for his money back in the day. Kind of have a babyface so the full critique you’d probably have to be something very unique… yet nothing to far out there or over the top… “The Explosive Genius” Jason Sadler.

  • http://www.madlabpost.com/ Nicole/TheMadlabPost

    You had a goal and rocket it! Cheers to you. One of the parts of what you wrote that stood out was that you didn’t do crunches and still managed to build mid-section muscle. I always thought and believed (after reading magazines, watching TV segments on fitness and talking to people who are into fitness) that crunches were an essential part of a workout but I’ve never been much of a fan of them, so it’s refreshing to see someone achieve fitness and nutrition goals without the use of crunches.

    I also find it interesting that you used supplements and shakes. I have been very skeptical about making protein shakes, pills, “nutrition” powder packets and related items a part of my lifestyle because I think that real fruits, grains and veggies are a better alternative, since they are real food. I did, however, go on an (albeit unplanned but necessary for a health issue I was having at the time) all-liquid diet last summer where I only drank fruit smoothies and took vitamin supplements for days and didn’t eat solid food during that time.

    That was an interesting period of my summer, especially since I didn’t need to lose any weight around that time but these days, I think a liquid diet would probably drive me nuts! I don’t know how other people can do it for long periods of time…by “long,” I’m taking more than one week, let alone 90-days. I can, however, understand the benefit of mixing it up a bit by combining a variety of shakes AND nutritious solid foods in your diet. Cheers! :)

    • thejasonsadler

      Yeah, I’m a firm believer that we work our abs enough just by being upright all day. You have muscle in there, it’s just hidden. Crunches, ab blasters, blah blah blah, none of it helps you get a toned stomach.

      I think supplements are great because it’s so hard to get truly unprocessed foods and foods free of chemicals. The right supplements, taken the right way, are super beneficial. And I’m not just saying this, the Body by Vi shake mix is super low in calories and tastes very good (and is very versatile).

      That being said, I ate 3-4 meals of whole food every day. I try to eat actual food as much as possible!

  • goodlifegranola

    good job jason! You did it! (what up with the tattoo?)

    • thejasonsadler

      Oh man, don’t get Mom started on the tattoo. Have had it since I was 17 and regret it. Ugh. Oh well, at least it’s not a dragon or butterfly on my lower back… haha

  • http://twitter.com/llihcruhc Nina Churchill

    Great Job! Inspirational to all of us ‘at home’ workers!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks Nina! Anyone can do this. Anyone.

  • Vince PeGan

    Are your sponsors concerned they have less area to advertise on? Only kidding, looking swoll.

    • thejasonsadler

      Hahah, I guess I do have a bit less body mass to cover now huh? Thanks ;)

  • TheMarque

    I think I wanna do this now!

    • thejasonsadler

      Don’t think, DO!

  • John Fandrick

    Whoo Hooo! Well done Jason! Thanks for the lead to Tyler and Mimi. I too have been skeptical of supplements and can’t wait to set my goals for the next 90 days!

    • thejasonsadler

      Awesome to hear that John! Thank you for the support and let me know if I can ever help you.

  • Sandra Diana

    Congratulations, Jason! I’m sure you feel as phenomenal as you look. You’re an inspiration to many and I’m glad you’ve shared your journey to health and wellness with all of us.

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you so much Sandra! You know the road well, it’s not an easy one. Lots of hard work and changing your mindset. I appreciate you cheering me on!

  • Stephen K

    It’s seeing things like this that gives me motivation to lose weight. I am in the same boat as you are, I am 35-40 pounds over weight, I can easily lose it, I use to work out and play football in highschool, I am familiar with weight training I just let myself go for a couple years and got fat. Right now I am 175 and I have lost 20 pounds and I got 20 more to go :) and when I see stuff like this before I hit my workouts it puts a big smile on my face.

    • thejasonsadler

      Awesome Stephen! The weight will come off if you stick with it. You’re already on your way, just don’t slow down. Keep at it and make sure you are eating well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottwayres Scott Ayres

    Great post and congrats man! Very inspiring.. now I gotta get off my butt!

    • thejasonsadler

      Get off that butt Scott! 90 days is incredibly short when you actually get going. You just have to make that push.

  • Guest

    proud of you Jason! incredible accomplishment man! you are my new hero! just turned 50, and the i’m going for it!

    • thejasonsadler

      GO FOR IT! And, don’t look back. You can do it and just having the mindset to try is huge. Thank you for the kind words.

  • http://facebook.com/dkellenberger DaveO

    proud of you man! incredible accomplishment! so when is the cover of men’s health and stuff coming out?!

    • thejasonsadler

      Hahahah, that’ll be the day DaveO! Thanks for the kind words and how’re you feeling about the Tigers this year?

      • http://facebook.com/dkellenberger DaveO

        3 words. War Damn Eagle!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/enderz Matthew Welzenbach

    w00t Jason. What a remarkable outcome!

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you thank you thank you! Now everyone knows what I look like when I’m not “working” :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jillian.blake.39 Jillian Blake

    Congrats to you Jason! You inspired me :)

    • thejasonsadler

      Yay! Awesome Jillian! Thank you.

  • Big Marcus

    Amazing! Congrats to your “Lifestyle Transformation”. Nothing like seeing and feeling the incredible results from discipline.
    Lot’s of common sense steps and doable goals here people.
    See yourself at the end of the race… You’re a winner no matter what!

    ~ Big Marcus

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks Marcus! You have to give yourself a chance and not try to do it all at once. Hard work definitely pays off.

  • http://twitter.com/VogelNow James Vogelsang

    Congrats Jason! I know Im not around much but you’ve always got my support

    • thejasonsadler

      Thank you so much Vogel, hope all is well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thisisdavesprofile Dave Herman

    Thanks for sharing, Jason! I’ve only started working out regularly a month ago and already I’m happy with the results. You post makes me want to be more dedicated and look forward to even better results.

    • thejasonsadler

      Awesome stuff Dave! Keep it up and I’ll keep working as well :)

  • http://www.hof9.com/ Andreas M. Hofmann

    Incredible work, Jason. So much dedication, discipline, and perseverance. Excellent progress.

    • thejasonsadler

      Thanks Andreas!

  • Craigo

    Great Job man! I myself have currently managed to drop from 26/7% bodyfat to 15% and would absolutely love to get to 10%!

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Awesome Craigo! Congrats and hope you’ve kept it off!

  • Andy

    Hi Jason, great job! How did you measure your body fat percentage? Is there a product you would recommend?

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Sorry I’m just seeing this Andy! Unfortunately I couldn’t find an “egg” or other body composition measurement tool, but I did use a reputable personal trainer in town who had experience measuring body fat with the pinch-tool thing. He even told me it wasn’t 100% accurate, but most of them aren’t.

  • http://twitter.com/bodylean Bodylean

    Is this product ok for diabetics ?

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      That would be a great question for Tyler and Mimi Ford, I’d reach out to @tylerford:disqus :)

  • http://twitter.com/bodylean Bodylean

    Have you noticed a change in your business since completing the challenge ?

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      No change in business, my t-shirts fit better!

  • dave lg

    great job! its hard imaging that you lost all that weight with barely no cardio. i am probably around your day 30-45, and i’m having the toughest job to continue.

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Cardio doesn’t burn nearly as many calories (and subsequently fat) as people think. Huge myth in the personal health/fitness world. Lift those weights and eat more/better!

  • n7

    Your day 1 and day 30 photos look Photoshopped. The face looks so much sharper than the rest of the image.

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Absolutely not photoshopped. That’s my face, unsharpened and real.

  • milehimark

    Came across your blog by Googling “male 25 body fat” because that’s where I’m currently at, and I want to get down to 10%. With being less than two months away from the big 3-0, you gave me the inspiration to get back on track. Very awesome blog. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Glad I could help and cool to see this post showing up in search results! How’s it coming along @milehimark:disqus?

  • Spenc

    What if you don’t have supplements

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Honestly, the only supplement I think is important is whey protein. The rest is just little things here and there (probably mostly mental).

  • Nicole

    Where can I find this 90-Day Challenge?Great job!You look great :)

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      You found it! I mean… this is the end, but it outlines everything I did. If you watch the video, you’ll see each week’s video update along with links to previous blog posts.

  • trev

    How tall are are you

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Hey @26b9de991011e5cf3d60d86790a9e895:disqus, I’m 6’5.

  • http://www.tylerandmimiford.com Tyler Ford

    Still one of my favorite 90 day challenge transformations. You crushed it!

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Heck yeah!

      • Jw

        I’m doing a 90 day challenge for weight loss. In 2 weeks since I started lost 24 lbs.

        • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

          AWESOME JW!!! Keep it up!

  • rod

    I need ur help badd my girlfriend wants 2 leave me because I look like u in the first pic no offense

    • http://jasonsadler.com/ Jason HeadsetsDotCom

      Rod – Get off your ass and get to work my friend! Create a nutrition plan that works for you (think meat and vegetables, maybe some fruits). Eat more often throughout the day. Drink tons of water and cut out soda and alcohol. Start exercising.

      Most importantly, make it manageable and something you can sustain! It’s not a band-aid, it’s a lifestyle change. Get after it!

  • Lydia Rose

    Awesome job! Ive been prepping to start a 90 day challenge and tomorrow’s the day. I’ve got a lot going on In my life but feel there is no time like the present. I’m getting ready for the biggest physical move of my life this year. From Seattle (my home, born and raised) to Berlin (where I know no one, don’t speak the language and have no set guarantee of work) I’m under a lot of stress chasing my dream to move there and felt that I owe it to myself to get disciplined and get stronger physically and mentally as I only have myself to rely on to make this happen. In doing this, I hope to gain confidence and a feeling that I’m powerful. Thank you for sharing your story, your knowledge and for the inspiration. I’m ready to do this!

    • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

      Hey @disqus_of1eMIVtnm:disqus I just saw your message. Did you end up starting your challenge 7 months ago? If not, ready to start now??

  • Peter Roche

    That is phenomenal, could you post your exact meal plan and workout routine as I would like to get the best 90 day results I can

  • susie

    how long did it take before your headaches stopped and you stopped feeling hungry all day ?

    • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

      Hey Susie, it took about 2-3 days for the headaches to go away. I actually never drank coffee but I do now. Black coffee with stevia and my headaches are gone. As far as the hunger, the kind of never went away. For the first 1-2 weeks you feel like you’re starving, but after that you just get used to not getting “full” anymore. Good luck and stick with it!

  • Quincy Noble

    Hey Jason, you have been an inspitation buddy. I have been on a 9 month journey. Started out @ 48% body fat and now @ 23%. Im trying to get in the 10-12% zone. :-)

    • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

      Quincy, that is AMAZING! So happy for you. You’ll get down to 10-12% in no time, I know it. Keep up the great work and I’m inspired by you my friend!

  • Girard Ruddick

    Question for you. I’m thinking of doing this and find that your diet is essentially a South Beach or Atkins-like diet. Both of those diets, however, advise you to not eat any fruit or oatmeal for the first two weeks. That’s going to be tough for me. Did you take that approach or did you start your diet on day 1 allowing yourself at least those two creature comforts?

    • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

      No, I absolutely ate fruit and oatmeal (plain oats) while doing my 90-Day Challenge. Funny enough, I’m finishing a 30-Day Coaching e-mail course because I get these questions all the time. Would you be interested in a course to help you get started? Also, I wrote a post about my diet/nutrition which is linked above. That will give you a bit of insight on what I was eating each day. Thanks Girard!

      • Girard Ruddick

        Yes, that could be an excellent idea. I’ll email you directly with my address and perhaps you can let me know what’s involved?

  • Nico Inocalla


    • http://jasondoesstuff.com/ Jason SurfrApp

      Thanks @nicoinocalla:disqus! You doing a challenge of your own or what? :)

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