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Jason SurfrApp SpeakingJason SurfrApp is a sought-after keynote speaker who has presented in front of thousands, been on The Today Show, and once gave a speech wearing a feather boa in front of 500 people. Jason has worked with companies like Nissan, Pepperidge Farm, Starbucks, GoToMeeting, and many more. He is the author of the book Creativity For Sale, an unconventional guide to turning passions into profits. Jason lives in Jacksonville, Florida, but travels the world speaking to audiences about thinking outside the box, doing marketing differently, unleashing creativity, and how to properly use social media to generate revenue.

Read testimonials from previous speaking engagements:

“The creative business mind of Jason SurfrApp is crazy – as in crazy-good! Never underestimate the value that a seemingly insane idea will bring to the marketplace or to a conference. Jason’s numbers speak for themselves, delivering a powerful punch for all he is involved with. As a speaker Jason hits a home run. Not only is his delivery absolutely captivating, but he brings real knowledge to the table and tangible take aways for the audience. And just as Jason stands out in business, he is exceptional as a presenter, bringing true professionalism yet incredible uniqueness to an event. Jason typifies that rare person who can authentically pull off casual swagger and extreme intelligence but still be the one everybody wants to hang with at the conference.” - Bess Auer / Florida Blogger Conference

“The world needs change-ups, and so does any event you’re hosting. I don’t care if your topic is innovation, entrepreneurship, disruption, advertising, social media success, or you simply need a good story-teller that will make people smile while they think; Jason is your ‘everyday’ guy, who just so happens to be an exceptionally gifted and gutsy digital and physical media savant. He was an incredible asset to our 2013 innovation summit line-up and he provided a brand new story; one that resonated, and one that mattered to our audience.” - Clinton Bonner / Director, Marketing & Crowdsources Strategy, Appirio

“The things Jason has achieved in his career are unbelievable and yet he’s able to make his journey so relatable to the average business owner, inspiring them to be greater. After his speech at our event, the reviews were raving for Jason and he holds the record for the longest line of people after a session. His ability to tell a story is really special and motivating and our attendees were so pumped to take action after they heard from Jason. Best closing keynote ever!” – Amy Schmittauer / Ohio Growth Summit

“Jason is the kind of speaker who knows how to get an audience thinking differently, which he has done throughout his highly unusual professional career. He wakes them up! While many speakers are engaging and humorous — Jason is both — what makes him one-of-a-kind are not only his ideas, but his willingness to go where few people entrusted with a company’s brand have gone before.” – Catherine Taylor / Social Media Insider Summit

“I’ve personally hired Jason to speak twice and recommended him to others countless times. He always brings epic presentations delivered in his trademark approachable style. Whether for a small group or a conference keynote, you can be sure that a talk by Jason will leave you informed and inspired.” – Ceci Dadisman / South Florida AMA

If you’re interested in having Jason speak at your next event or conference, send him an email.