I know my superpower, do you know yours?

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I wish I was about to tell you some amazing story about being a nerdy kid who went on a field trip, got bit by a radioactive spider, and became a web-slinging hero. Alas, that’s not me, and I’m willing to bet that’s not you either (if it is, please reply immediately and let’s be best friends!).

Instead, I’m going to share the superpower I’ve discovered I do have. And I didn’t realize this was my superpower until recently.

My superpower is: Taking action.

You see, over the years, without even knowing it or paying attention to it, I’ve had the ability to take action on many things (mostly without hesitation). I started a crazy t-shirt wearing marketing company during the recession of 2008. I auctioned off my last name (twice) and barely batted an eye deciding to do it. I dove head-first into writing a book and marketing it unlike anyone had ever done before. There have been big decisions and other businesses, all of them wouldn’t have happened without my superpower of taking action.

It wasn’t until recent conversations with my girlfriend Caroline that I realized I had this superpower. Like most “real” superpowers, you don’t notice you have them, they’re just a part of who you are.

Here’s why I think my superpower is my actual superpower:

It’s not that I’m just good at taking action, it’s that I crave helping other people take action. I love writing about different topics that inspire people to do something. I love answering emails from fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a push in the right direction. I take great pride in using my energy and experience to help other people.

To me, that’s when you know you’ve found your superpower.

So this brings us to the question in the subject of this email: Do you know your superpower? 

It’s 1000% okay if you don’t. But to discover your superpower I encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the unique trait that I have?
  • What’s something I do without effort or hesitation?
  • What’s the thing I can offer other people that will help them?

Your superpower might be graphic design. It might be copywriting. It might be personal training. It might be compassion. There’s no set list of available superpowers and your superpower might be similar to someone else’s.

I know what you’re going to ask next: “Jason, why do I need to know my superpower?” 

That’s a great question, thanks for hypothetically asking it reader!

The reason it’s incredibly valuable to know your specific superpower is so you can use it to your advantage. So that you can hone this skill that you have and create a business (or grow an existing one) around it. And as cliche as it sounds: So you can help other people!

I haven’t had any focus over the past year, and that was on purpose with all the personal and professional hoopla I was going through. In the coming months you’ll get to see my updated personal brand. It will be focused around the idea of taking action (both for myself and helping other people). I don’t plan on wearing a cape and becoming “Super Action Taking Man” but I do want to highlight my superpower. I want to be known for taking action and helping other people take action because that’s what lights me up and excites me every day.

I hope this helps you discover your superpower, or at least gets you thinking about it.

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