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How To Sell Sponsorships For Anything (Webinar)



How To Get Sponsorships For Anything

Have you ever wanted to get a sponsorships for an event, conference, your blog, or something else in life? Have you struggled with how to find companies to reach out to and how to effectively pitch them? Maybe you’ve landed a sponsor or two before, but it always feels like a painful and time-consuming process? Are you frustrated because you know you have something awesome to offer, but sponsors don’t seem to understand that?

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How To Use Facebook for Marketing in 2014



Let’s face it, Facebook has changed. If you’re using Facebook and seeing a decline in reach, specifically because you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool, here’s how to use Facebook as a marketing tool in 2014.

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My Four Freedoms



Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City

While writing my upcoming book I had a revelation. Four of them in fact (shared below). Through owning my own business and having financial ups and downs over the past few years, my eyes have been spread WIDE open when it comes to money, success, and happiness.

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