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How To Use Facebook for Marketing in 2014



Let’s face it, Facebook has changed. If you’re using Facebook and seeing a decline in reach, specifically because you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool, here’s how to use Facebook as a marketing tool in 2014.

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My Four Freedoms



Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City

While writing my upcoming book I had a revelation. Four of them in fact (shared below). Through owning my own business and having financial ups and downs over the past few years, my eyes have been spread WIDE open when it comes to money, success, and happiness.

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SponsorMyBook Page Sponsorships are SOLD OUT, Except for 10 Spots Open for Your Nominations



SponsorMyBook Sponsorships

I have another announcement to make that involves the Front Cover Sponsorship (woot!) but that’s coming in a few days. Today I wanted to announce that the Page Sponsorships in “Creativity For Sale” are SOLD OUT… Almost!

I say almost because there were actually 10 Page Sponsorships left at my self-imposed deadline last week. Instead of scrambling to try to sell them and putting companies in my book that I may not have been extremely excited to have on pages, I decided to do something else. Before we get to that, I wanted to take a moment to thank the 190 people who already purchased Page Sponsorships and have supported my dream of writing “Creativity For Sale.” For the past few months companies from all around the world have purchased sponsorships and added their stories to the pages of my book. Thank you all very much! Now, onto the remaining 10 sponsorships…

Nominate a Company You Know to Get a FREE Page Sponsorship!

I’m looking for you, my readers, friends, and fans to leave a comment below and tell me about a company you know that would enjoy the exposure of being on a page in my book. Once you “nominate” someone, tell them you nominated them and have them “accept” your nomination by commenting on your comment. Here’s how this process will work:

  • Leave a comment below with the name of the person, their company, and why you think they’d be a great fit to be a Page Sponsorship in “Creativity For Sale.” (This is the NOMINATION)
  • The person you recommend can be a freelancer, small business owner, non-profit organization owner, or anything in between. Their business can operate from anywhere in the world and be of any size. 
  • You must know the person, please don’t recommend people you don’t know.
  • Then, get the person you nominated to find your comment below and leave a reply comment on your nomination. (This is the ACCEPTANCE) 
  • If the person you nominate does not reply to your comment, they will not be eligible.
  • The deadline to nominate people and have them accept is March 21.
  • The 10 FREE Page Sponsorships winners will be picked at random and announced on March 24.

That’s it! Good luck to all the nominated companies and I can’t wait to have 10 of you on pages in my book! To learn more about “Creativity For Sale” visit SponsorMyBook.com. If you’re interested in getting email updates about my book, when it will be for sale, and other fun behind-the-scenes content, click here to subscribe to the SponsorMyBook email list.

Thanks everyone!

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