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Social Media Detox

One month detox: I’m not using social media from October 1 – October 31

Anyone who knows me knows that I've lived, eaten, and breathed social media since October 2008. There have been less than 50 days in the last 2,190 days (six years) that I haven't checked a social media website. Just typing that is a bit shocking. Social media websites have been instrumental in my businesses and in helping define my identity. There's no denying I wouldn't have been able to do the things I've done in my short entrepreneurial career without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But I … Continue Reading

Watch Jason Surfrapp build an online business

Watch me build an online business (part five of a few more)

This is part five of in-depth look at the process I'm going through to create a new business. Did you miss part one, part two, part three, or part four? I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed this process so far. Not only the building of a new business, but also sharing all the details, struggles, and thoughts publicly. From the responses I’ve received from folks on this email list and on social media, it seems you feel the same way too :) In a post I wrote a few months ago about superpowers I … Continue Reading

Watch me build an online business, part four

Watch me build an online business (part four of …?)

This is part four (of five/six?) of in-depth look at the process I'm going through to create a new business. Did you miss part one, part two, or part three? Everything Changes If you’ve ever built a business you know that almost nothing goes as planned. This was supposed to be the final blog post, but there will be at least one or two more posts after this one. Originally I thought our project roadmap was going to line up perfectly with a four-part email/blog series. I’d send the first two … Continue Reading

creativity for sale updates

Creativity For Sale Back Cover

Read Preview Chapters of Creativity For Sale

Last summer after eating a burrito with a friend I decided to write my first book. A few months later (October 2013) SponsorMyBook was underway. At that point I gave myself nine months to fill all the page sponsorships in the book and, somewhat importantly, write the actual book. There were a few bumps in the road along […]


The Skill They Don’t Teach You In Any Business Class: Flexibility

(Photo credit: Thissocalledlife) Owning a business is not a smooth ride for most people, myself included. You set yourself on a certain path and a hurricane of changes completely derails you. You write down specific goals and they get shaken up by an earthquake of revisions. Being flexible is probably one of the most important […]