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Have you ever asked yourself “Is ______ open right now?” and then fumbled through Google, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and other apps to try to find business hours? It’s a cumbersome process. But not anymore! I teamed up with my friends at Lemonly to solve the problem of quickly and easily finding business hours and created Storetime: a simple and well-designed iPhone app that’s 100% free! You can download Storetime in the app store right now.

I’ve had a bunch of ideas for iPhone apps before, but this one solves a problem I run into all the time. I’ve asked Siri for business hours of a nearby restaurant and she thinks I’m asking to call home. I’ve looked on Facebook for business hours, but I always end up distracted by photos of people’s babies in my News Feed. And when I’d check Google and Yelp, the business hours weren’t easy to find (sometimes non-existent). With Storetime, I can find business hours in a matter of seconds.

Storetime uses location based services to help you find out if your favorite restaurants, bars, stores, entertainment, and more, are open right now. Not only does Storetime show you if a business is open, it will also list a business’ hours of operation. Look for the green dots for businesses that are currently open, red dots  mean a business is closed, and gray dots  mean the app hasn’t found business hours for that store (which we’re working to fix!).

Storetime, The Business Hours App

You can use Storetime by searching for the business name (at the top of the app) or you can tap one of the pre-selected categories. Looking for a great cup of coffee? Maybe you’re craving a hamburger? How about finding a nearby bar to meet a friend and have a drink? With Storetime you can quickly and easily find these places and see if they’re open right now. 

Click here to download the Storetime app right now from the App Store.

*A special thank you to John and the Lemonly team for jumping on board and making Storetime a reality. They took my little idea (and terrible iPhone app wireframes) and created a beautifully easy-to-use application. You guys rock!

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